This week at SolarSMART - 7/21-7/28

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What's the SolarSmart team been up to this week? It's the summer so it's been a bit slow for most of the team's undergraduate students who are away. The rest of the team are still trucking along though!

JacqueCircle Dr. Jacque Tidwell has spent this week sending out new interview kits. 12 new interviewers have been added to the program, so that's 12 data kits that needed to be formatted and put together, 12 interview question packets that needed to be typed and printed, and 12 boxes to be shipped out to people all over the state! That's a lot of work! Dr. Jacque has also been working on getting the quarterly reports on what we've been doing out, as well as writing some new articles. She's getting ready to share some new data with the world!

SteffanCircle Steffan has been helping this week to get the maps and datasets going. He's been working on getting the location interview data from the hand drawn maps our interviewers turn in and turning that into real, measurable data that can be put into spreadsheets and into our website tools. We can't draw conclusions from data that can't be measured, so that's crucial! Labels, descriptors, and regions, it all has to be programmed by hand at first. 


HeatherCircle Heather has been adding the new team members to the website. 12 new interviewers mean headshots and pages for everyone so the public can know them too! She's been working on some really interesting content for the website as well, and visiting solar sites all around town to get photos and information about the way solar is used around us. She's also been working on some fun new research, which you'll see later on as we begin a whole new part of the SolarSMART program.