Team Spotlight: Timothy Echols

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Timothy Echols is a board member for the SolarSMART advisory board. Working so closely with the government to make policies, he's in a unique position to not only help make solar policies but also to help the SolarSMART program to move in the right direction.

Tim Echols was elected to the Athens-area seat on the Georgia Public Service Commission as a Republican in 2010. The Georgia Public Service Commission is responsible for helping set electricity and gas rates for consumers as well as regulating pipeline safety. In December 2016, Echols won re-election to another six-year term as a commissioner. In his campaign, he promised to keep electric rates low and support renewable energy development throughout Georgia. You only have to scan a quick read through his Twitter feed to see how committed he is to leading Georgia in renewable clean energy. Georgia has gone from almost no solar to now being the 7th largest solar state. Plus, we have the designation of being the fastest-growing solar state. Echols even created the Clean Energy Roadshow that has traveled the state of Georgia every summer. The educational event travels to cities around the state, helping people in all types of business and life make choices on cleaner energy.

Echols is a strong supporter of energy efficiency and puts that into practice at home. He and his family are on a "time of use" plan with their electric plan. Echols says that they turn their AC units off from 3 pm to 7 pm each summer day to maximize the savings. They have a solar water heater installed in their home, and he drives a natural gas car and a propane van. Tim has a weekly radio show called Energy Matters airing on Cox Media Group. Back episodes can are located at Dr. Jacque Tidwell has been interviewed for the radio show as well!

Echols is married to Windy Davis Echols, and they have seven children. He has 3 degrees from the University of Georgia and lives in Jefferson, Georgia. He has also worked with organizations in Georgia committed to ending sex trafficking.


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