Move Over Social Energy Atlas. Make Way for SolarSMART

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Project rebranding

You may have visited our website recently and noticed a big change. We are no longer the Social Energy Atlas. We are now SolarSMART: a Story Mining Archive and Research Toolkit for understanding solar adoption in local communities.

SolarSMART: A Solar Story Mining Archive and Research Toolkit

They say change is good. While our newest change was unexpected, we kind of like our new name and look (and we hope that our shift in branding has not left you confused. In fact, we hope it has made clearer to all of you what we do and are trying to share through our open access data and tools. We are proud of our legacy and history linking us to the Linguistic Atlas Projects and will be sharing more about that on Thursday at the 2nd International Energy Research and Social Science Conference in Tempe, Arizona, but it was time for this project to find its own identity and communicate that to the world.

No need to worry. We are still holding true to our focus on providing qualitative data and visualizations through mapping approaches--and we hope to offer even more advances and insights by mining the stories of real people in rural and urban communities to show how the variation in their perspectives of why they adopt solar or not can be used to fuel policy for thriving communities.